Kari Nixon
Scholar of Medical Humanities and Victorian Literature


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In this section of an edition of Jane Eyre, I curated a set of documents and images that help contextualize the book in history, as well as cultural reception of the book up through the present day. Such contextualizing documents included newspaper excerpts about governnesses, letters from the Brontë Sisters illustrating their experiences as governesses, images of their home, showings its environmental situation, and still images from film adaptations of the book. In particular, these images explore the changing juxtaposition of “the angel of the house” (Jane) vs. “The Madwoman in the attic” (Bertha) over time.

“Cultural Documents and Illustrations,” (author) and “A Critical History of Jane Eyre” (coauthored with Beth Newman). Jane Eyre: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism. Ed. Beth Newman. 2nd ed. Boston: Bedford St. Martins, 2014.

Text-type Considered:

Novels, periodicals, film

Texts included:

Jane Eyre

Conceptual Influences:

New Historicism, feminist criticism